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cowriter helps you turn your lyrics into
songs the church loves to sing.

turn ideas into finished songs quickly
endless suggestions from scripture, modern worship & hymns
write fresh, honest & polished lyrics

let's write songs that help the church sing

Let the church sing out! (not just the worship team) We need songs that unite & release the worship of your congregation. Singable, truth-filled songs that resonate, that release waves of adoration and lead to moments of corporate encounter.


Will help you uncover great ideas

Cowriter gives you personalized prompts that help you tap into your own unique perspective and history with the Lord to generate authentic and meaningful song ideas based on your favorite worship songs and themes. 

Knows the Bible and all the great worship songs & hymns

Cowriter stands out from generic songwriting tools by offering a vast library of worship-specific lyrics, biblical phrases, and theological insights to help users express timeless truth in fresh, relatable ways.

Can help you say it differently

Say goodbye to generic rhymes and bland lyrics with Cowriter's unique feature that suggests creative expressions and biblical metaphors to add depth and meaning to your songwriting.

what makes a song a worship song?

The heart that sings it.

It also helps to have music and lyrics that work together to give expression to what that heart wants to say. You can't do much about people's hearts, but you can give them great words to sing. When we sing it out together, it unites our worship.

be a great worship song writer

Write Your Altar

What moves you to worship, may lead others there too! Discover the themes and subject matter that resonate with you, and what the Lord is saying. Write a song that leads you into worship. Write your altar

Write for His people

Write intentionally for your congregation (not for your worship team). Write so that they can proclaim His beauty and respond in worship. Write so that they can sing out loud together and watch what happens. 

Write now

Write alot. Write in community. Just write. With Cowriter, you can write great stuff, alot more often - like every day. Turn one line into a verse in minutes - and polish it with creative phrases that say what you've always wanted to say.

Questions we get asked

Isn't this like cheating?

Does a basketball player cheat when AI helps him shoot better? Does a photographer cheat when they use Photoshop to make their photos look better? Does using bible software make your pastor's sermon less true? 

Well, using Cowriter is like having a genius rhyme dictionary, thesaurus, pastor, bible scholar, and poet all rolled into one of your favorite songwriter's pens. So yes, you'll write better with Cowriter. In other words, it's like a vitamin for your songwriting, giving you the power to create amazing, one-of-a-kind songs.

Will Cowriter AI take away from my creativity and individuality?

We believe that Cowriter can actually enhance your creativity and individuality rather than take it away. Designed to inspire and assist YOU in finding new and creative ways to express YOUR ideas and emotions in YOUR worship songs. Cowriter is here to help you write your best worship songs yet, in a way that is uniquely you.

But shouldn't worship songs should be birthed in the Spirit?

When God blesses us with ideas and lyrics, let's not be like the servant who buried his talent - let's ask Him what's next and invest what we've been given! Cowriter is here to help us make the most of what the Holy Spirit has already placed in us - it's not here to replace Him, but to help us turn that raw material into something truly beautiful! 

Do I need to share songwriting credits with Cowriter?

Nope, Cowriter won't be expecting any royalties or songwriting credits - it's all yours, and any of your human cowriters too! But if you're feeling generous, why not spread the word about Cowriter? After all, sharing is caring!

Will this be free or paid?

Our free version has some great features, but if you really want to take your songwriting to the next level, upgrade to the affordable paid version and let Cowriter be your personal lyric-writing sidekick!

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Why Cowriter?

Cowriter is the only songwriting assistant that helps you to discover, craft and polish worship songs for the church

Cowriter helps you write worship songs that move & unite hearts. With a wealth of inspiration, ideas, and tools at your fingertips,  including a vast library of worship-specific lyrics, biblical phrases, and theological insights, you can craft and polish your songs with ease.

Sign up below for our waiting list today and be the first to experience the power of Cowriter. Take our feature survey and let us know what you struggle with in your songwriting - we want to help. Let's build this together. 

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